Welcome to, home of the Best Black Friday 2016 Deals on the web. The site currently features Rambles as the main contributor as well as a number of guest posters with great insight and knowledge about online sales. To find out more info or ask us a question, please use the contact form below.

Also, please assume that all posts and advertisements have the potential to be paid by sponsors. While this is not the case for all content on this site, please be aware that it might be. If I receive any products to test I will disclose the information where applicable. Although, at this time, I have never been approached with free products to review on my site. If you have any questions, please use the contact form to reach me.

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  5. Please let me know of any upcoming Labor Day appliance or furniture sales. I am anticipating a move to AZ and will need appliances and furniture.
    Thanks, Joe Mannix

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