Walmart Black Friday 2019 Sales


Now that we have passed Halloween, Thanksgiving looms in the near distance, just 3 weeks away. A lot of retailers have already launched their Black Friday 2019 sales ads and the deals are better than ever (kind of how they are every year). Today I want to talk about the Walmart Black Friday 2019 sales ad. Officially, the Walmart sales circular hasn’t been released yet. Historically, Walmart’s Black Friday ad and Thanks giving deals are launched in the first week or two of November. So we are pretty much at an any day now waiting on the release.


Walmart is already holding pre Black Friday 2019 sales online every day, but if you go to their site over the weekend you will see even better deals. Make no mistake, Walmart is trying to overtake Amazon this year and it doesn’t seem like they will pull any stops to be number one. Will it work? That remains to be seen, but it is definitely an exciting time for Walmart Black Friday 2019 deals. What are the items you are hoping go on sale? Any items you are specifically waiting for prices to drop? Leave a comment below and see what other people are shopping for this year as well. Happy Shopping!

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