Election Day Pre Black Friday 2017 Deals


Today is the big day, someone new will be elected to be the leader of the United States. It will be a tense time as people wait to hear the results. In the meantime, you can shop all of the election day deals featuring tons of pre Black Friday 2017 sales. A number of retailers are offering some pretty sweet deals right now. And considering so many people are sitting online watching the early results roll in, why not take advantage of all of these great sales to buy your family and friends holiday gifts. Here are some of the best Pre Black Friday 2017 deals that I see today:

– Walmart – check out great pre Black Friday sales at Walmart, including up to 40% off on electronics. Great deals on laptops and tablets. Tons of toys on sale also today. Most of these deals will be changing soon, so get on these quick shopping online at Walmart.com

– Target – some good stuff happening at the Target Pre Black Friday 2017 sale. Up to 25% on home items, 20% off on Trolls items, and up to 30% off select electronics. Check out the deals over at Target.com

– Amazon – well, they have pretty much everything. The Amazon pre Black Friday 2017 sale is in full swing with their countdown to Black Friday sales event. Each day the sales items rotate. Today you can find crazy deals on jewelry, electronics, smartphones, toys, clothes, and pretty much anything else. Check out the deals at Amazon.com

– Macys – famous for their 1 Day Sales, today the Macy’s early Black Friday 2017 sales event features 2 awesome Black Friday coupon codes. Use the Macys coupon code vote to save 20% off your order (15% additional off certain departments) and use the Black Friday Macys coupon VOTE25 to save $10 on a purchase of at least $25. Shop these deals at Macys.com

– BestBuy – electronics deals galore on election day. The BestBuy early Black Friday 2017 sale features 20% off select 4k UHD and HDTVs. You can also find some great deals on laptops, tablets, smartphones and video games. Shop these Black Friday deals and more at BestBuy.com

Have fun, be safe and the next time I update the site we will have a new president! Happy Election Day Sales everyone!

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