Otterbox Cyber Monday Deals

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Otterbox is the undisputed leader in smartphone and tablet cases and today their Cyber Monday sale features deals for up to 40% off with Free Shipping included. Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself (you should reward yourself!) or shopping for a family or friend’s present, there is so much to choose from at finding what you want will be a slamdunk. Speaking of slamdunks, if you are shopping for a sport’s junky Otterbox has some great options available. They carry licensed NFL cases for every NFL team. (post continued below)


Otterbox carries cases for iPhones, Samsungs, LG, and pretty much every other major brand. There are different case options for each phone that offer different levels of protection. Manny of the cases are guaranteed to prevent breaks, cracked screens, etc. I have owned an Otterbox iPhone cover and it protected from the many drops and falls over the last couple of years. I definitely was not kind to my phone, but my Otterbox case kept it looking new and when I turned it into Verizon I got full credit for my phone. My wife used a different cover from BestBuy and broke two phones.

The Cyber Monday sale at Otterbox will not last long, so head over to to save big today on your new smartphone or tablet case.

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