Top 10 Black Friday 2015 Deals Online

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Where can you find the Top 10 Black Friday 2015 Deals Online? Well right here of course :).

You could spend an entire day browsing the web and not be able to find a comprehensive list of the best Black Friday deals. Well, look no further and without further ado the top 10 deals this year:

Top 10 Black Friday 2015 Deals Online

#1 Fitbit Flex – wearable which tracks steps, calories and even sleep. Regular price is $99.99, find it on sale at Amazon for $79.99 (go to Compare to $99.99 at

amazon fitbit flex blackfriday

#2 Apple Watch – Another wearable – you can see the popularity of Black Friday wearable deals in 2015. Currently, only the Apple Store and BestBuy carry the Apple Watch. Black Friday shopping for it will be easy since there is really only one place to buy online. Prices range from $349 for an Apple Watch Sport and go up to $749 for an Apple Watch with a nicer band. The Apple Watch Edition is not for sale on BestBuy’s website. I don’t expect you will see a drop in the price of the Apple Watch for Black Friday, but what you will likely see is a gift card and Free Shipping included.

Buy the Apple Watch at BestBuy
bestbuy apple watch blackfriday

#3 iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – the newest additions to Apple’s iPhone family will be big sellers over the holidays. Look for iPhone 6s Black Friday deals at a number of retailers. The pricing will be the same, but there will be retailers like Walmart, Target, and BestBuy who will offer gift cards to get you to purchase the phone. Look for pricing to be around $650 for the basic iPhone model. You will also be able to take advantage of any of your carrier’s plans through these websites (you don’t need to buy directly from a carrier). Take a look at iPhone 6 at BestBuy, Walmart, and Target.

iPhone 6S – 16GB/64GB/128GB ($649/$749/$849)

And for the iPhone 6 Plus:

iPhone 6S Plus – 16GB/64GB/128GB ($749/$849/$949)

#4 Amazon Echo – The new product from Amazon is pretty fascinating. It is a hand’s free smart device which is connected to the web out of the box. It uses voice recognition software to reply to commands (think Siri but better). It can play music, read audio books, answer questions, check the weather, read you the news and on and on. It is a super cool device. Currently, the device sells for $179 but I would expect that Amazon Echo Black Friday 2015 prices will probably drop to around $140. There is only one place to buy it online and that is at

amazon echo black friday

#5 Nintendo 3DS XL – the brand new portable gaming system from Nintendo packs some serious punch. The latest release features high quality digital viewing capabilities as well as a new line of games made specifically for the device. This is far and away the best handheld gaming system available. Nintendo 3DS XL Black Friday deals will be super competitive. You can already see it with pricing from the big guys:

Walmart sales price for Nintendo 3DS XL – $159 (Best Price)
Amazon sales price for Nintendo 3DS XL – $169
Target sales price for Nintendo 3DS XL – $194


#6 Vizio 32″ Smart HDTV – Smart TVs are very popular now and have become the standard when buying new TVs. Vizio is a great brand with a high quality product at affordable prices. The Vizio 32″ Smart HDTV starts at under $250 and I would expect that once we hit Black Friday, the Vizio 32″ Smart HDTV will fall under $200. Check out current prices at:

Walmart sales price for Vizio 32″ Smart HDTV – $248
Amazon sales price for Vizio 32″ Smart HDTV – $248
BestBuy sales price for Vizio 32″ Smart HDTV – $249

vizio-blackfriday deals

#7 SYMA X5C Drone with Camera – Drones are becoming a lot more popular and there are a number of options for people of all ages. You can easily spend more than $1000 on a high quality drone. Most people are looking for more affordable options. On Black Friday, the SYMA X5C Drone with Camera will be a bargain worth picking up which will make a great gift for anyone of any age in your family. Regularly priced at under $50, look for it to be around $35-$40 for Black Friday. Drones do get more expensive with more features and there are a lot of other really cool options.

– SYMA X5C Drone with Camera at – $42.82
– Air Hogs Helix X4 Video Quad Copter at – $109

black friday 2015 drone sales

#8 Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition – starting at $149 for the 6″ version, this kid’s friendly tablet is terrific. If it breaks within 2 years Amazon will replace it for free no questions asked. You can create 4 separate profiles on each device so the kids can share the tablet. Easy navigation for kids to follow with parental controls to make sure your kids are viewing appropriate content. There are also settings to limit your kid’s viewing time with the tablet each day. There is also a parental password that can be used to unlock all features on the tablet. It is available exclusively at starting at $149 and you can expect around 20% off of the Kids Fire tablet at Black Friday.

amazon fire kids edition

#9 Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone – The arch nemesis of the iPhone, the Galaxy S6 has many people debating if it is a better phone than the iPhone 6. It’s default memory size of 32gb is double that of the basic iPhone 6. It has a lightning fast processor and a higher quality camera than the iPhone. It is also a little cheaper price wise at a base price of $589 (without a plan – $99 with a contract). So this phone is more affordable than Apple’s offering. Black Friday Samsung Galaxy S6 deals will be available everywhere and we will likely see the price drop even further. Here are some options to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone online:

Walmart Samsung Galaxy S6 on sale – $99 (with contract) or $589 unlocked
Amazon Samsung Galaxy S6 on sale – $99 (with contract) or $599 unlocked
BestBuy Samsung Galaxy S6 on sale – $149 (with contract) or $699 unlocked

samsung galaxy s6 black friday deals

#10 Logitech Harmony Smart Control – Now this is a remote control for the 21st century. This remote is serious business and can control up to 8 devices at once, working with more than 270,000 devices including cable TV boxes, Apple TV, Roku, Sonos, Amazon Fire TV, Phillips Hue, Xbox One, PS3, and TV-connected PC or Mac. You can even control devices from separate rooms. You can download an app to your phone which will give you the same control from your phone. While this remote control is on the pricey side – however, considering what it can do it really is a device from the future. Look for Logitech Harmony Smart Control Black Friday 2015 deals to bring the cost of the remote closer to $100. This is an awesome gift for the tech lover in your family, Logitech Harmony Smart Control where to buy and prices are below.

Amazon Logitech Harmony Smart Control on sale – $125
Walmart Logitech Harmony Smart Control on sale – $128
BestBuy Logitech Harmony Smart Control on sale – $129


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