Best 2013 Memorial Day Sales at Home Depot

Home Depot Memorial Day 2013 Sale

There are a lot of great sales during the first big sale of Spring. However, in my experience there are a few that really stand out. The 2013 Home Depot Memorial Day Sale is one of them. The other one I would look into is the Sears Memorial Sale. For most of the items that Home Depot sells, they are the flat out leader blowing away competition like Lowe’s, OSH, True Value, etc. None of them can compete on the amount of deals and the savings that the Home Depot Memorial Day Weekend sale offers. Below I will go into some of the departments that will have the best deals online as well as ways to save even more when you are shopping on the Home Depot website.


The best items on sale during the Memorial Day event at Home Depot will be items for outside. This includes grills, gardening equipment, plants, flowers, outdoor tools, etc. As Memorial Day is the precursor to summer that’s where you will find the best deals. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find fantastic deals on indoor items as well. One of the main features of the sale at Home Depot will be their appliance sale. During the sale you will find Memorial Day appliances on sale for up to 50% off in some cases. Also, as we get closer to the actual event, there will be a number of Home Depot Coupons for Memorial Day which I will distribute as I get them. If you would like a Home Depot coupon, leave a comment below and I will email it to you as I get them.

The sale will start either on Thursday or Friday and will run through the weekend ending on Monday. There will also be some Free Shipping deals available if you Buy Online at Home Depot. Leave a comment below if you would like a coupon to Home Depot. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Please send me a coupon for Home Depot Memorial Day!! I just bought a new house and will be needing lots of things! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I would love a coupon. We just bought a new house and are hoping to purchase a ton of landscape timbers to spruce up our front yard. I’m a new gardener. It’s so much fun! So glad I found this. Looking forward to the coupon. Thank you! God bless.

  3. Please send me a coupon for Memorial Day weekend sales at HomeDepot. We will be moving into a new home in 2 weeks and could really use a coupon. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Please send me the coupons for the Hone Depot Memorial Day sale. I am shopping for a new washer and dryer as my son was just diagnosed with asthma and I need some heavy duty stuff. Thanks so much. I woukdnt mind the free shipping ones also just in case. Thank u!

  5. Just moved to a new house and looking to buy a new set of washer and dryer and a coupon will help. Thanks.

  6. I would greatly appreciate the Home Depot coupon(s) you will be distributing. Thank you for your assistance to homeowners everywhere!

  7. I am looking to buy a riding mower! I am waiting to see what kind of sales they have for their mowers at home depot on memorial day! Please send any kind of coupons to help me save thank u!

  8. I would like a coupon for Home Depot if/when they are available. Thank you so much. We are in need of an “in the wall” air conditioning unit.

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