Sears Memorial Day 2013 Sale and Coupon

The Sears Memorial Day Sale in 2013 will be one for the books. You will want to check out their online sales which is where they will have the best deals for Memorial Day. I also have a Sears Memorial Day 2013 coupon. If you leave a comment below I will send it to you. As in past years, expect to see a lot of different types of deals available starting on Friday and running through Monday. Generally we see incredible deals on appliances, tools, clothing, electronics, and outdoor items. Below I will go into more specifics as far as what you may be able to find during the 2013 Sears Memorial Day Sale. If you want the Sears 2013 coupon you need to leave a comment below to get it.

Sears Memorial Day Appliances are always the headliner of the event. Usually the week before the sale starts you will see some great coupons come out offering big savings on any large online orders. For example, you may see something like take $50 off a $500 order. Most brands end up being on sale during the Sears Memorial Day Appliance Sale.

Craftsmen Tools are another great buy at Sears during Memorial day weekend. You will see deals on tools of up to 60% and you can still add a coupon to save even more when you shop online. You will not find better deals on tools at any other store or at any other time of the year.

Outdoor items, including pool items and barbeques and grills are the other big seller at Sears during Memorial Day. Great deals on an enormous selection of products. Sears has the best deals, no question.

The Best of the Rest. Electronics, toys, clothing, and jewelry round out the rest of the most notable deals. Check out deals on tablets, phones, cameras, tvs and more from the Sears electronics section. Look at clothing for men, women, and kids all weekend in this post Mothers Day 2013 event. Lots of great deals. There will also be a wide selection of toys on sale during the Memorial Day Sale at Sears.

I have a coupon code for the Sears Memorial Day 2013 sale. Leave a comment below and I will send it to you. I hope you have happy online shopping at Sears. Update: use Sears Coupon Code SPRING20 to save $20 on $200 order. You can also use SEARS2013 for $5 off $50 and Free Shipping offers start too.

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  1. Wow. Perfect timing! Buying a house and will need W&D, grill, and patio set. Thanks for the sale notice and coupon share 🙂

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  3. I am looking to upgrade kitchen appliances for the new home I just purchased. Could you please send me the coupon you mentioned? Thanks.

  4. buying a new home and need to gut the kitchen and will be needing new appliances. Thanks for the heads up about the sale.

  5. Looking to buy a new mattress set and bed frame. I have it all picked out but if I can get a coupon and a better deal I will wait until Memorial Day to buy. Please send a coupon my way? Thank you! 🙂

  6. Just bought our first house and moving in on the 13th!! Would REALLY appreciate a coupon!! We’ll be getting appliances and ceiling fans.

  7. Perfect timing! would be buying a house and need a new Refrigerator, Microwave & dryer, coupons would be great

  8. are the sales in effect before the actuall memorial weekend? My dryer quit and i want a new set asap..


  9. My husband and I are Hurricane Sandy victims and we are in need of new appliances. If you would be so kind to share your coupon with us, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    • I’m sorry to hear that and hope that a coupon helps. I will send along the pre-sale coupon, but do recommend waiting about a week which is when I will get the serious Memorial Day coupons with some awesome saving power

  10. Just had my washer and dryer both go out on me in a 2 week period. Need to pick a new set up so if you have any coupons, that would help me out a lot!! Thanks so much!!

  11. Looking forward to the Appliance sales on for Memorial Weekend. Thanks for the blog. Would love if you can share coupons on kitchen appliances when you have them. Thanks!

  12. Thanks for the great article – I’m hoping to pick up a washer/dryer combo over the holiday and appreciate the help. A coupon would be wonderful!

  13. Thanks for the advice, looking for a new referigerator and washer and dryer, could really use the store coupon!

  14. Desperately in need of a refrigerator! Thank you for the information on the upcoming sales and yes, I would very much appreciate a coupon.

  15. Just found your site and can only guess at how much money I have wasted in the past. Looking forward to checking on with you regularly!

  16. I am remodeling my kitchen and picking up appliances on a cash basis…I still need a cooktop and dishwasher! Waiting for Memorial Day!!!! Desperate and thankful for a coupon!

  17. I have to buy ALL new appliances for a house I just purchased. The coupon would definitely help. Can’t wait for Memorial Day sales!

  18. Please send me a coupon for the Sears Memorial Day Sale. We are remodeling and will be purchasing all new appliances, and big sales like this will save at least a thousand dollars. We would greatly appreciate your help!

  19. This would be so wonderful. We are moving and cannot take our washer and dryer…I am looking at the top loaders and would love to find a great savings deal! I am praying that this is the real deal!! Thanks so much!

  20. Hubby and I are getting a new home and need all large appliances so anything helps, perfect timing, thank you so much 🙂

  21. Sounds great. I’ll be buying two appliances and something for yardwork. A 99% off coupon would be awesome!! Thanks

  22. Looking at Craftsmans new tools (sockets, etc). Coupon might be the tipping point between maybe and certainly. Thanks.

  23. Closing on a new house and will definitely need a lot of things from sears over memorial day weekend. More sale info and a coupon would be great!

  24. Our air conditioner has seen better days so we are in search of a new one before the sweltering heat hits. A coupon would be great. Thank you!

  25. Thanks for providing coupon, have only ever had kenmore appliances. Am ready to purchase stove and refrigerator for new home that is being built so appreciate a price reduction on these items and possibly a dishwasher and new set of washer & dryer also. Thank you

  26. What a helpful website. We’re moving May 31st and will need essentially all new appliances. Thanks for the help and coupon!

  27. Looking to purchase a new washer and dryer this weekend and would love any discount I can get! Do you know what day the sale starts by chance? Thanks!

  28. Looking to purchase a new fridge and gas range this weekend. Do you know what day the sale starts by chance? Thanks!

  29. Will be on-line shopping for washer/dryer and patio furniture this weekend. Have always depended on quality w/d from Sears (Kenmore). They will outlast all the other brands. Any coupons or added discounts will be appreciated. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!

  30. I am in the market of buying a new French door refrigerator and it will help me a lot to receive a coupon..I am looking around but I have been buying my appliances from sears and so far I have no complain..

  31. Am looking to purchase a new refrigerator. coupon would be awesome! Thanks. Your comment says I already submitted a request. Look at the e-mail address. I did not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Am getting ready to have to appliances out in my kitchen. Good timing for a coupon to do just that~ thank you, Shannon~

  33. We came home today, and found our refrigerator Had died, need a new one, hope you have some really good sales, and coupons. Thanks

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