Green Monday Sales 2012 Walmart, Amazon, and More

For those of you that dont know about Green Monday Sales, I will do my best to explain it and then get onto the deals. 2012 Green Monday Sales are generally the 2nd week in December and occur on Monday, hence the name, Green Monday. While the name itself isnt very widely known, its more about what has happened on the day in the past and what it means this year for shoppers. Green Monday is one of the heaviest online shopping days of the year because we are getting close to Last Minute Christmas sales in 2012. As such, retailers start to put a lot more items on sale offering some pretty sweet deals. Also, since it is an online only sale, Green Monday also tends to have a lot of Free Shipping offers available as well.

Some of the biggest players in 2012 Green Monday sales will be the big boys, like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and BestBuy. There are a lot more stores that play on this day as well, but those are the main sales I would be looking for. Expect to see real good deals on electronics. HDTVS, digital cameras, cell phones and tablets remain the hot sellers here. There will be online specials available. Also, check out deals on toys, clothing, jewelry, and home decor. Lots of items available there as well. All in all I am expecting real good things on Green Monday 2012. Sales will run wild and there will be great deals for all. You can see some of the current available deals at stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and BestBuy.

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