2012 Black Friday in July Sale at Target Huge Savings and Free Shipping

Black Friday 2012 July

Is there such a thing as Christmas in July? You bet! Target has created a new hyper shopping day in the middle of summer dubbed the Black Friday in July Sale, see the full listings here. And in 2012 the Black Friday sale was extended to Saturday for the first time in the three years this event has taken place. A number of other retailers have jumped onboard the Target bandwagon, like Walmart, Sears, and Bestbuy. But you know what they say, whoever creates does it best. And that is Target.

The next part of the equation is when and where you can find the deals. The Black Friday in July sale at Target can be found at their online store for the two days the event runs. There may be some sales items available in stores, but for the most part this is intended as an online event.

Early indications are that the main items that will be carrying heavily discounted prices are:

  • Electronics
  • Furniture (indoor and outdoor)
  • Toys
  • Entertainment (movies, books, video games, etc.)

I think this sale at Target will end up trumping all the events that led up to this year. Target is in a fight for their life with other retailers like Amazon and Walmart, need to come out swinging for the fences. If not, then one of their competitors will have the chance to swoop and take control of the holiday.

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