Amazon Christmas Sales Continue to Wow

Technically Cyber Week Sales at Amazon is continuing on their website through Friday. Once Amazons Cyber Week sales are over, what can you expect to see as far as Christmas Sales through the month of December. Will there be Black December 2011 Deals? Will we see the Kindle Fire’s price reduced? What about sitewide savings?

All are possible. I expect that we will see similar deals as have been released for both the Amazon Black Friday Sale as well as Cyber Monday Sale. We will see deals released on a daily and weekly basis and will contain products from all categories. I would expect that you will find that electronics, books, DVDs, Laptops and Tablet Computers will be the most popular items on sale at Amazon during their Christmas sales. The hottest item right now at Amazon is the Kindle Fire, which is currently selling for $199. I am not sure if the price will drop, but with comparable features to that of the iPad 2 which retails for $300 more, the Kindle Fire Price tag is a steal right now.

It is absolutely worth checking out Christmas sales on a daily basis if you still need to buy your Christmas Gifts in 2011.

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