Amazon Cyber Monday 2011 Sales – Unbeatable

The Amazon Cyber Monday 2011 sale officially starts on Monday but will all the way through Friday of next week. The early predictions on this Christmas 2011 Sale is that it may be the single biggest and best Cyber Monday 2011 Sale. is the type of store that will not release their deals online before Monday. On Sunday night they may do a preview, but generally you have to wait till the day of the sale to see what deals were released. But we can guess . . .

I think that we will probably end up seeing a lot of specific deals at Amazon on Cyber Monday, and then we will see a lot of category deals as well. Some of the individual sales could be on laptops, Kindles, iPods, HDTVs, clothing, books, and DVDs. We may then see some brand or category level deals as well, something like 35% off all levis jeans (just an example). I am thinking that the Amazon sale will crush rivals deals. I dont think Walmart or Target can do nearly the same deals as Amazon. You can use the widget below to see some of the best deals and you can also search the website as well. I do invite you to head over to the Amazon Cyber Monday 2011 Sales event.

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