Exclusive Sears Memorial Day 2011 Coupon and Sale

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At the end of May, we will experience the Sears Memorial Day 2011 Sale. In years past, the Memorial Day Weekend Sale has been the premier shopping event that does not happen during winter. Sears.com ends up throwing a great sale featuring incredible deals on appliances, electronics, home products, clothing, furniture and more. Here are the two best coupons available, online only – Save $20 on $200 orders with coupon SAVEBIG and get Free Shipping with code MEMORIALDAY

At the Sears Memorial Day 2011 sale, you can bet to see similar deals as last year. Appliances are definitely the biggest attraction and the department with the biggest potential for saving you money. I do happen to have an exclusive Sears Coupon for Memorial Day. I am happy to send out the Sears coupon to anyone who wants it, but you will have to leave a comment below and I will send it to you.

The Sears coupon code will save you some money shopping online at Sears.com. If you have any questions regarding Sears Memorial Day 2011 sales or any other store’s sales please include them in your comment below. One last word, I would expect to see sales on items across Sears to be anywhere from 10-40% off. I will update this as I get more info.

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141 Comments on Exclusive Sears Memorial Day 2011 Coupon and Sale

  1. Hi There, Im looking at getting a few items during Memorial Day. Can you please pass along the coupon. Thanks!

  2. I need a new dishwasher and I was gonna wait until this sale happens. I’d love to save a few extra dollars. I would like the Sears coupon please

  3. I would love to have that coupon. there are a few things that I need, and was waiting for a really good coupon.:-) Thanks

  4. I am also hoping to get a dishwasher during memorial week. Would you please send me the coupon as well. Thanks

  5. Can you please send me the coupon? I plan on buying a washer/dryer…fridge, stove, microwave hood, and dishwasher….really need it.

  6. We are looking to purchase patio furniture for our first home. Please help us out with the coupon. Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks for the great info!! I haven’t been able to find much on their sales this early in May. We are looking to get a new washer/dryer set. Could you pass the coupon? Thanks a ton πŸ™‚

  8. Have heard of any deals on Kodak printers? I am waiting for Memorial Day to buy the one I want (the 310). I would appreciate the sears coupon. Thanks.

  9. Please send me the coupon for 2011 Sears Memorial Day sale. I am looking to purchase a stove that weekend. Thank you.

  10. We are moving into our first home! We are in need of a washer, dryer, and a refridgerater πŸ™‚ Can you pls pass on the info and any coupons you have? Thank you kindly

  11. Thanks so much for the info. Our 10-year-old dishwasher is giving out, and Memorial Day weekend sounds like the best time to buy. We would love to receive the Sears coupon you mentioned.

    Many thanks!

  12. Hi, have you heard anything about room air conditioners being on sale for Memorial Day? I’m moving into an apartment in July (ugh!) with no central air. I’m so glad I found your site because it now seems like I will be heading to Sears. Could you also pass along the coupon to me? Thanks so much!

  13. Looking at buying a bunch of appliances this Memorial Day. Would appreciate if I could get that coupon from you!!

  14. I am furnishing a basement apt and will be purchasing a refrig, washer dryer combo, micro, and electric range I am really looking forwards to saving a ton! Thanks for sharing your Memorial Day 2011 exclusive coupon

  15. Hi,

    Our dryer just broke and want to get a front loader during the Memorial Day weekend. Would love if you could send us a coupon.

    Thank You

  16. Can you please send me the Sears Mem Day coupons? I need a new Washer & Dryer and I know the sale should be good.

  17. Hi!
    I am looking to purchase a 40 gal. hot water heater. I would be so grateful to receive a coupon to help
    defray the costs! Thank you so much!!

  18. We are going to replace an aging refrigerator and range this weekend. The coupon code would be greatly appreciated!.

  19. I would love a Sears coupon since my refrigerator is leaking freon through the compressor. Please provide me a coupon!

  20. I’m looking to purchase a bed during the sears memorial day sale, it would be greatly appreciated if you would pass the coupon along. Thank you.

  21. Looking to buy complete set of kitchen appliances at Sears and would appreciate the coupon. Thank you. Debbie

  22. hello! im looking for a whole new set of kitchen appliances maybe also a treadmill could you send me a coupon thnx!

  23. Hello,

    Looking to replace an 18 1/2 year old whirlpool refridgerator and dishwasher. A coupon or two would be awesome!!!

    Thank you.

  24. Hello, please send me the coupon for Memorial Day weekend. I am planning to purchase a few appliances at Sears. Thanks in advance.

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