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Black Friday 2010 is now over and is now time to start planning for Cyber Monday 2010. Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday is centered around online only deals. Some of the big players during the next week will be Walmart, Target, and There will be a large selection of retailers participating in Cyber Monday 2010 Deals.

While reports are coming in that there was only a small increase in sales during Black Friday 2010, experts are predicting that Cyber Monday 2010 deals will drive much highers sales than in 2009. Walmart Cyber Monday 2010 Deals are expected to be among the best. The sale starts on Sunday, peaks on Monday, but there will be more deals running all the way through Friday. The event is called Walmart Cyber Week.

Target Cyber Monday 2010 deals will peak on Monday and will run through Friday, with new sales being released each day. Target has really made a more concerted effort to strengthen their online sales over the last few years, and the Target Cyber MOnday 2010 sale is expected to be very strong this year. Cyber Monday 2010 Deals are sure to be one of the best Cyber Monday sales online. Since Amazon is an online-only retailer, Amazon really embraces Cyber Monday and throws some incredible deals out for people to shop.

There are going to be lots of other Cyber Monday 2010 deals online. Here you can see a full list of retailers holding online Cyber Monday 2010 sales.

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