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The year is flying by and it already about time for Black Friday 2010 and Cyber Monday sales to take over the Internet landscape. Up until last year, holiday shopping discussion usually started in October. With the economy weakening and then strengthening, the way people start holiday shopping, especially Black Friday shopping has changed. In 2009, we saw pre Black Friday sales starting as early as September. This year, it started even earlier. We saw a number of store with huge July Black Friday 2010 sales that took the Internet by storm. Huge floods of traffic flocked to Target Black Friday sales, Walmart Black Friday 2010 sales, and other online stores with great deals.

Now that the first Black Friday 2010 sale is out of the way, I think we can expect a lot more of these big types of online only weekend sales. In September and October, things are really going to heat up and there will be all sorts of pre Black Friday 2010 sales at online stores. Last year, Walmart was one of the leaders in early sales, and I think we can expect to see that trend continue. Walmart Black Friday 2010 sales will again dominate the Internet landscape with stores like and Target lagging closely behind. However, due to the strength of Walmart Black Friday 2010 deals, we are going to see increased competition and even better deals from more stores.

I am already looking forward to an amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2010 sales season. The best items to buy online at Black Friday sales will be electronics, televisions, DVDs, video games, jewelry, and kids toys. All sort of stores will have incredible deals for consumers to rifle through. Here is a list of Black Friday sales in 2010.

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