Target Back in Black Friday 2011 Sales

It seems that every year holiday shopping starts earlier. A few stores, including Target, have taken the idea of early holiday shopping to a whole new level. The Target Back in Black Friday 2011 sale is an online only sale that starts and ends on Friday. Consider it a pre Black Friday 2011 sale, and now one wonders if other retailers are going to follow suit. There are a few other names it is going by, the Target Black Friday in July sale and the Christmas in July sale. Now to the details:

The target online only Back in Black Friday 2011 sales event will feature deals on over 500 items, including apparel, electronics, toys, housewares, movies, music and books at an average of 40% off the regular price. Target Black Friday 2011 Deals include 42% off a Philips Blu-Ray Disc player normally priced at $99.99, 25% off adult bedding collections that typically range from $14.99 to $52.49, and 50% off a $25 Wii 9-in-1 Sports Pack.

So you think its too early to for a sale of this magnitude . . . I think not. There are a couple of reasons the Target Black Friday in July sale is great for consumers. You can get great deals on Back to School items, including laptops, clothing, bedding, furniture and more. Also, the great Black Friday 2011 deals at Target allow you to start shopping earlier which will lessen your stress levels as we get closer to the holiday shopping season. You also might find that you are spending even less if you get some of your shopping out of the way nice and early.

The Target Back in Black Friday 2011 sale starts at midnight pacific time and runs through Friday July 23rd. You will need to start your shopping early to get the best deals. Start your shopping at the Target Black Friday 2011 sale.

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  1. AGGRAVATED!!!! So, I stayed up until 1:10 a.m. to check out this sale….So far NOTHING is coming up on Target’s website except the promise of a sale. Not impressed.

  2. The Black Friday sale actually started at 12am pacific time, so you just needed to stay awake for another 50 minutes. All sales are now up on the Target Black Friday 2010 page.

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