President Day Sales in 2011 are Underway USA, LLC

The first big sale of the year has begin and it is already looking like President Day Sales in 2011 are going to be far bigger than they were last year. First off, there seem to be more retailers and online stores holding Presidents Day sales in 2011. Also, I think more people feel a little more comfortable this year spending money and I dont think it hurts things that Presidents Day is the same weekend as Valentines Day this year.

If you are looking to do some shopping and are browsing for some places to find 2011 Presidents Day sales, I can give you a list of the some of the biggest sales. The top two retailers holding Presidents Day sales in 2010 are Macys Presidents Day Sales in 2010 and Sears Presidents Day Sales in 2010. Between the two of them, their entire stores are basically on sale.

The second of tier of stores holding online Presidents Day Sales in 2010 include theWalmart Presidents Day Sale, Target Presidents Day Sale, Blue Nile Jewelry Presidents Day Sale, Sams Club Presidents Day Sale, and Circuit City Presidents Day Sale. All of these stores still have great deals for Presidents Day, although, they havent gone quite all out like Macys and Sears. Sales will go today through Monday at most stores and here you can check out more retailers holding Presidents Day Sales in 2011.

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