Top WalMart Toys for Christmas 2008 USA, LLC

I found a great list that has put together the top 20 Walmart toys for Christmas. The list of most popular toys on sale at WalMart include toys for all ages and for both boys and girls. All of the WalMarts top toys on sale are available online, while only some are available in stores.

Buying toys online at Walmart for Christmas is a great idea because of the cheap shipping at WalMart. You can ship your presents to your home for a low price or you can ship items to your local WalMart store for free. Just remember, if you are going to buy during the WalMart Christmas toy sale, you need to place your order before their shipping cut off days. The last day to ship using free shipping to your local store is Wednesday Dec. 17 and the last day to ship Christmas toys from WalMart using standard shipping is Saturday Dec. 20th. Here is the list of the top WalMart toys and their Christmas sales prices.

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