Unbelievable WalMart After Christmas Sales 2009 Electronics, Toys and more on Sale

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WalMart After Christmas Sales 2009 will be nothing short of massive. WalMart will look to sell off all remaining inventory during the WalMart After Christmas 2009 Sales and everything will be at their possible lowest prices of the year. WalMart After Christmas Sales from last year was spectacular, as everything from jewelry to electronics and toys went on sale at severe discounts.

Definitely keep in mind WalMart After Christmas Sales 2009 when thinking about how you want to spend your gift cards and other money you may have gotten around Christmas time. After Christmas sales for 2009 is when your money will go the farthest until Christmas Sales in 2009. If you still have shopping to do after Christmas is over, I strongly recommend hitting up some After Xmas sales for 2009. A lot of companies will be running After Christmas sales for 2008, but my favorite this year will likely be the WalMart After Christmas Sales for 2009. Here are some of the retailers with sales running currently in addition to After Christmas Sales for 2009.

Check out WalMart After Christmas Sales, Christmas sales at Target, and Sears After Christmas sales.

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14 Comments on Unbelievable WalMart After Christmas Sales 2009 Electronics, Toys and more on Sale

  1. Hello, my name is Sabrina Barnett. I’m writting you in regaurds to my 2 year old little girl. The Wal*Mart here in Cambridge, Ohio have really bad carts. I put my daughter in the child seat in the front of the cart and the rusted sprin lasirated the back of her leg. One on the workers saw it happen and told me to go to the customer service. I went and showed them the cut. They took my name and number. Also, gave her a sucker. They still have health hasardous carts on the floor. I refuse to shop there because of this. My daughter won’t sit in cart any more because she is afraid of them. This is a big problem. At the customers service desk, they told me the week before that another little girl had got hurt by the carts. I really think something should be done about this problem. If you want to contact me, feel free to send me an e-mail. Thank you for your time and I hope you can do something about this problem.

    • Part of the reason for this is because WalMart never raised their prices back to their normal levels. There are currently a lot of great deals available and they will probably remain for the near future.

  2. I went to the Wal-Mart on St. Charles Rock Road in St. Louis, MO at 7:00 pm Christmas Eve. I called earlier in the day and was told that they would close at 8:00. When I arrived, they had Police at the door not allowing anyone in. When we asked why we couldn’t come in, we were told to “move along or we could spend Christmas in jail”. The employees that were coming out were laughing at the customers trying to get in and saying horrible things while they were carrying bags loaded with items. I could tell they were employees because they still had their badges on.

    Again, this is just an example of Wal-Mart only caring about their bottom line and not the customers that put that money in their pocket. The only reason why I even went to a Wal-Mart is because I was trying to pick up something for a friend that was left on her list.

  3. Yeah –no sales to be seen. They list after christmas sale but the prices on the two items I know and wrote down BEFORE christmas are on sale FOR THE SAME PRICE!

    • Not every item will be on sale. In general, there will be lots of departments with sales going on, but you will have to see if your item is on sale. Also, with After Christmas Sales, Walmart will be releasing new items on sale over the next couple of day, leading up to New Years

  4. I live tree hours away from the nearest Walmart, which is sad because I really love this store. Does anyone know if I order online will they ship to my home address?

  5. I went to Walmart to return the old battery after purchasing a new one, rebate of $9 was due, at the Walmart on Fry Road in Houston, Texas. the lady at the register was very nice and told me that she would get to me after waiing on the man in front of me. After waiting behind the man for 45 minutes I guestioned why it was taking so long and he then had waited for one hour. She had been calling for a DM to approve his battery return. Finally the man walked through the store until he found the DM. Customer service training is needed badly for the DM’s a this store. When I complained to the DM he would not even look up at me nor did he apolgize for making us wait for so long. Needless to say we will not return there.

  6. I have a friend who has worked for 7 years at the Panama City, Fl Walmart. He is in the National Guard. He has been called for active duty to Iraq and for the past couple of months has been having to report for several days at a time to training etc. He is leaving on 2 Jan. for a year (or more). After coming back from a training the last time, (2 weeks ago), he was fired. They told him while he was gone they did an audit and found several errors he had made on the computer. He transferred from regular inventory a few months back and worked in automotive – the guy who sits outside and writes up tickets….The 6-1/2 years in inventory he never got a “mark” or whatever they call it when a mistake is made. Wouldn’t you suspect that since they have to hold his position while he is gone it would be to their benefit to fire him? WHAT A WAY TO TREAT OUR MILITARY !!!

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