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Now that Black Friday has passed in 2009, it is time to look at the next biggest day (and week for some companies) for holiday sales.  Cyber Monday 2010 will simply be enormous.  Cyber Monday 2010 sales are a newer concept for a lot of people, but I can easily explain where the term came from.  Cyber Monday 2010 is the Internet’s version of Black Friday.  So now that a lot of people have been out shopping, but havent found exactly what they are looking for, you can go online where retailers already have a larger selection of products than in stores.  Also, most Cyber Monday 2010 deals and sales will see huge discounts as well as free shipping offers.

There will be a few main players offering the sweetest deals for Cyber Monday 2010.  WalMart Cyber Monday 2010, Target Cyber Monday 2010 Deals, Macys Cyber Monday 2010 Deals and Sears Cyber Monday 2010 Sales are the biggest retailer involved in Cyber Monday 2009 Sales.  In all of these stores, you will see items marked down up to 60% off.  Here are the links to some great retailers that will be having sales this weekend and throughout Cyber Monday week.

WalMart Cyber Monday 2010 Sales
Macys Cyber Monday 2010 Sales Jewelry Cyber Monday Sale
Target Cyber Monday 2010 Deals
Sears Cyber Monday 2010 Deals
All other Cyber Monday Deals in 2010

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  1. Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is expected to be more promotional than ever this year as retailers offer one-day sales and special offers to bring holiday shoppers online. Cyber Monday, a term coined by the

  2. Looking forward to Cyber Monday as it will be a boost for small online retailers as well as the big dogs…lets hope the Walmarts let us play too!

    Happy shopping all, and get ready to shop and save.

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