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Hello again!  The holidays are approaching and I have some news regarding what experts are predicting for Black Friday 2008 online and in stores, as well as Cyber Monday 2008 online.  Black Friday 2008 online at WalMart is expecting about 10% more business this year than last year, however, in stores, Black Friday 2008 at WalMart is expected to grow by 1-2%.  Cyber Monday 2008 at WalMart is also expected to grow closer to 10% this year.

Now, the questions is for consumers, how do you get the best deals from Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2008 at WalMart.  One tip that I have for you is to stick to online shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as starting your holiday shopping online earlier than Thanksgiving.  There are great deals at WalMart before Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  WalMart is currently running their free shipping offer and they already have a ton of items on sale leading up to the holidays.  So that is my recommendation, is get started early.  Also, once Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2008 at WalMart come around, you need to get an early start on the day because many of the items online will sell out.  So the ealier you get your shopping done at WalMart.com the morning of Cyber Monday and Black Friday, better products will be available.

Electronics are going to dominate sales for Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2008 at WalMart.com.  HDTV’s, iPods, laptops, video game systems, cameras and more will be huge sellers this year.  Toys for kids, jewelry  for women and electronics for men will be the best sellers for each respective category.  I still offer this bit of advice, start your shopping for the holidays at WalMart now, before Black Friday WalMart sales or Cyber Monday WalMart sales!  You will save yourself money and stress.  Please bookmark my site or sign up to receive emails so you dont miss any breaking news this holiday season.

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