Human Touch Zero-Gravity Massage Chair Target

Sharper Image has finally released a kick-ass new product that is actually mind-blowing. The first ever zero-gravity massage chair from Human Touch (HW581BLK) has been released by Sharper Image.  However, now that Sharper Image is closed, I would shop for massage chairs at

The Human Touch Zero-Gravity massage chair from Sharper Image is costly at almost $4000, but is worth every penny. Take a look at to see there prices on great massage chairs.

Here are some of the features of the amazing new Human Touch Zero-Gravity massage chair from Sharper Image:

  • Combines incredibly realistic and therapeutic Human Touch® massage with zero-gravity ergonomics.
  • As you rotate into the zero-gravity position, the pivoting “Z” shape cradles your spine in a stress-free position; elevates your legs above your heart for improved circulation; eases tense muscles; and increases oxygen intake by expanding lung capacity.
  • Human Touch® robotic massage mechanism that feels like real hands; it emulates the techniques used by physical therapists and chiropractic professionals Rolling, Kneading, Percussion and therapeutic Compression.
  • Foot & Calf Massager in the footrest uses a patented technology that works your lower extremities an upward, wavelike fashion therapeutically moving blood away from the feet and toward your body’s core.
  • Wired controller puts all therapies at your fingertips  including eight automatic programmed massage sessions.
  • Two lumbar heat modules warm the lower back muscles, gradually reducing tightness and preparing them for a more restorative message and faster healing.

Shop online at and make the best decision of your life with the zero-gravity massage chair from Human Touch.

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