Sharper Image Sales Drop 47% – Trouble Looms

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Sharper Image’s sales continue to plummet. Now Sharper Image’s sales are down 47% from a year ago in Quarter 3. You’d think that after 2 straight years of falling sales at Sharper Image, that they would start showing some fear that end might be nigh.

Well, there is some fear, but there is also hope according to spokespeople from Sharper image. Sharper Image claims to have had a great start to the holiday shopping season with strong sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Sharper Image claims that they have nothing to worry about and that sales will turn around soon for the company. Sharper Image has boosted their online efforts trying to make an easier shopping experience for shoppers online. They have improved the overall flow of the website as well as the checkout process. All this was done with very little added expense. This is good because they have accrued a net loss of over $20 million so far this year.

Do checkout the changes made at and see if you like what you see.

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