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WalMart’s biggest sales for Black Friday 2008 will be toys and electronics. Listed below are electronics, tvs and other black friday sales.
50-inch widescreen plasma high-definition TV at $1397, RCA 46-inch widescreen LCD high-def TV is $1,196, Polaroid 42-inch widescreen 1080p LCD high-def TV $798 and a Sanyo 37-inch widescreen LCD high-def TV at $847.
Apple 80GB iPod Classic is 247.88, assorted DVDs for $2.96, Dell Inspiron 1501 15.4-inch laptop computer is $598, Kodak 7MP digital camera at $89.84 and Xbox 360 arcade console system with 5 bonus games for $279.92.

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  1. I work at walmart as the support mgr in instock and the price on the tv’s are off by $300. cuz of all the pre web pages such as this. so take off another $300.00 on the tv’s. the rest are correct. oh the ps3 80g is going to run $299.

  2. Well Marvin, I’m not sure what Wal-Mart you work at, but I too work at Wal-Mart and you should know as well as I do that the WIRE won’t even drop the Blitz listing till Nov 10th. You should also have seen the e-mail on the PS3 price drop from $499 to $399 and not going any lower this holiday season due to cost issues. And as a side note, with the new backroom program, Wal-Mart no longer has support managers. Just a friendly message from an electronics Asst. Manager.:-)

  3. You’re both retarded……….

    There are indeed support managers at some stores. Although phased out in most areas, they are making a come back. One of my 2nd shift associates is actually in line to get into one of the returnin support positions at our super center. Which is 200,000+ square foot store and is the best in sales increase as well as sales in general. We’re not a metro store nor have any near us but significantly outsell the store across town closer to a mall as well as target which is across the street from us.

    I wouldnt put anything in writing as to prices until the blitz ad is in hand…….in WI we have the unfair sales act and its sites like this that piss me off. Everyone gets ads here first and assumes thats the price for every store. We are not allowed to sell below cost on these items. Every year customers are pissed about the TVs laptops and other electronics.

    Everyone’s so eager to see this info like it matters. You’ll get the ad the week of the sale, do you really need to plan a MONTH in advance on where you’re going to shop first? 90% of the time its the same junk at each store every year. $5 appliances, cheaper TVs with no name brands, Toys that arent that special, just last years watered down 2nd rate sellers. Last years video games sytems……same ol same ol……When you work retail for 10+ years, it gets WAY old.

    What doesnt get old, is seeing the idiots fighting over a TV, when there’s a stack of 3o of them, and only 5 people around the stack……or people leave there kids behind to move onto the next deal, or tromple the elderly to save a few bucks. People crying when they show up 5 hours after the sale started expecting us to have something left we only got 5 of.

    America is full of idiots……..take your money, spend it on quality merchandise for the ones you love and shop when you have time……..

  4. Could you be any more bitter, Wowzers?

    I find it odd that you place so much blame on the consumers for the craziness surrounding ‘Black Friday’ when it is the retailers (such as your own beloved Wal-Mart) that are the source of the problem. Stores put out these ads because they know tremendous anticipation and excitement will result. They know damn well what will happen when they put an extremely small supply of expensive, super-popular items on sale at well below cost.

    Pity that the rest of the country isn’t as enlightened as glorious Wisconsin, with its ‘unfair sales act’. Sorry the rest of us are causing you such misery.

    Oh, wait–that’s right. You aren’t miserable–I almost forgot! Seeing people being mistreated gives you pleasure. How did you put it? Ah yes:

    “What doesnt get old, is seeing…people leave there kids behind to move onto the next deal, or tromple the elderly to save a few bucks.”

    Here’s a thought–instead of spending the next ‘Black Friday’ leaning over the counter laughing at lost children and elderly people with broken hip bones, spend a little time reviewing a 5th-grade spelling and grammar book. I would take it as a personal favor, as I hate suppressing the urge to repeatedly insert “{sic}” into your quotes.

  5. DONKEY!!!……All four of you are RETARDED!

    Wal-mart has asked employees to stop referring to former “support managers” as such and has asked them instead to be called “industry standards officers”… so you are all wrong.

    The so-called “unfair sales act” expired in 2005 so it is not even relevant. Sorry wowzers, your store will be busy the day after thanksgiving… get over it.

    “My required name” you’re just coming off stupid. You sound like a pansy.

    Does anyone get the feeling that “spencer” and “marvin” might just be booty buddies? Just throwing that out there.

  6. Gordon Joel got all ya’ll beat… Laughing at you lames… I want to see my damn sales prices now so I can see who has the best stuff on sale for the best price. If its Walmart.. I’m going to run over me some lil ole lady. Get out the way grand ma. Gordon, hope to see you there – you get em down, I’ll kick em.

  7. In response to #5 aka “my required name” seeing the ads in advance is helpful to the average consumer for several reasons. First, it allows consumers to get an idea of what they might like to purchase on Black Friday so that they can ensure their finances are in order to make said purchases. Second, it allows consumers to shop around. In other words, it allows consumers to better assess whether they should purchase an item in an online auction or during one of the many sales that take place before Black Friday.

    PS I love how all the walmart employees that have posted on this forum are cannibalizing each other over this issue. What is even more enjoyable is that a part of the cannibalization centers around the stockroom manager designation. You people need to grow up and learn to treat others with the same respect that you would like to recieve. Apparently the “golden rule” didn’t make the walmart training manual.

  8. Except that Wowzers is correct. I’ve worked through 3 black fridays and quite frankly it is the same crap every year. 5$ no name appliances. Discount no-name tv’s that either break or get returned within 2 weeks of buying them. And a bunch of last years items that are old news but now really cheap. (Like the games and system bundles with last years titles in them).

    Both of us may be a bitter about it but hey, it’s the truth. People get all excited about crap instead of letting/making the retailers get some decent products in.

  9. Listen, I have gotten a two hundred dollar,game chair for thirty dollars on b.f. at Walmart. And a one hundred dollar v-smile game system for thirty dollars as well, along with other nice things for my kids. So if its last years stuff or not, mt kids appriciate it because they didn’t get it the year before so its new to them. I agree with the person that said that its nice to be able to plan in advance so you can go by your money situation. Its a tough economy right now for most of us, so more than now Walmart should put out the flyer. I know on more thing for sure, I won’t be able to wait untill last minute if I find a good deal somewhere else, because I may not have the money for it later. Thats why we need it out now.

  10. I have support Managers at my Walmart here in Las Vegas. Oh and shoppers take it easy on the merchandise! I’m the one who has to fix all that crap!

  11. I’m so glad I stumbled across this website. You people with your arguments and making fun of each other has made me smile! Thanks for brightening my day!

  12. wowzers sounds like he hasn’t gotten his daily fix of pabst blue ribbon and reds yet. gordon joel is once late again, and wowzers is not happy.


  13. I agree with Leann. You’re right. For some people, $5 presents is all they can afford and whether the person likes it or it breaks, at least it’s something. I for one like going to Wal-Mart just for the experience. I saw an old lady get run over one year. It was horrific yet somehow piched my curiosity. I love digging in the DVD bin with an old country woman who wants the John Candy movies and all I do is push the pile over that she’s made and watch the madness ensue.
    Leann have a great holiday. I hope your kids get what they want even if these pessamistic people don’t give a crap about this. I will have fun without them in my mind.

  14. I do not know where u all work. But I work at my local Walmart, and we have been told that we are not suppose to give out the info on whats gonna be on Blitz till it comes out. So grow up and stop making all of us Walmart associates look bad.

  15. I too just stumbled on this site….and I nearly peed my pants laughing at all of this. You guys are all hilarious and just me a great laugh that was much needed!! Thanks, I’ll check back later on the bf soap opera to hear you workers fight consumers. 🙂

  16. Lots of Walmart associates here. I am one as well. All I know is that I always work on blitz because I have to and if customers want to come in and fight the crowds to get the best deals then more power to them. I came to this site for one reason, walmart has a ipod on the blitz ad this year but I cannot find the price, damn it. Who cares if part of the blitz ad gets leaked, it happens every year, its not big of a deal, don’t get your panties in a bunch. Does any know the price of the ipod 8gb? Please and thank you!

  17. lol! You guys are too funny!:)
    I just want to add…customers, when you come to the registers on Black Friday smile. Don’t take it out on the cashiers because you are irritated because the store is crowded. Remember, no one told you to get up out of your warm bed at some ridiculous hour, freeze your butts off, come into a place so crowded you can’t move & wait in impossible long lines to buy something you really didn’t need anyhow. That was your decision, so needless to say…GRIN & BEAR IT!

  18. This is so funny.

    Just to let you all know that some retailers actually leak the info on purpose. Even though they tell the employees not tell. Maybe you should sit in on some of the marketing meetings.

  19. I am letting you all know another reason that people get up out of their warm beds at a rediculous hour. It kicks off the holiday season. It brings on christmas joy. For me seeing all my bf shoppers it puts a smile on my face. I love standing outside in the freezing cold when it starts snowing. I love that everyone is there for the same reason. We are all there to get good deals and to be part of something fun. I get up every year at 4 am and I go with friends and its great! I will never stop this. It is a great tradition. So all of you people keep smacking your gums. Try it! Just once, leave the comfort of your bed and go out. You will see the smile it brings to your face.

  20. I am a BF shopper. And let me tell you why I go out. I go because it kicks off the holiday season. it is fun. It is a great tradition. I dont go just for the low prices. I love being with all my fellow BF shoppers. i dont get grumpy, I dont knock over old people and I never bring my children. Thats crazy. I love leaving my warm bed at 4am and standing outside freezing my butt off in front of walmart. It makes me feel happy. It toally kicks off the christmas holiday. For everyone out there who thinks this is crazy, I suggest you go out with a friend and try it. It really will put a smile on your face. It’s great!!

  21. Well, for me I live in a town of about 10,000 people, so there is NO fighting going on, or trampling, or I wouldn’t go. I did however buy some things from other stores, because like I said I can’t afford to wait. One more thing, it cracks me up all these people who pretend not to go to Walmart, like its just for hillbilly’s,lol. I see you in the store, stop pretending you are the invisible man ITS NOT WORKING. And stop acting like you are to super rich to shop there, everyone knows what kind of money your profession makes, give me a brake!!

  22. All lies, all lies… all lies. Walmart employees no matter what rank have no clue what anything is going to be priced till that very morning or if you worked that night before. I AM NOT A WALMART EMPLOYEE 😉

    THIS IS ALL SPECULATION. And the little 1 gig ipods will be $20 bucks @ Walmart

  23. What the Wal-mart employed here dont realize is they for the most part ARE wrong. 1st some stores still have support managers some don’t. some stores still have training coordinators some don’t. some stores have dept. managers some have merchandise supervisor it all has to do with how old the store is and what direction the company is going. what you should be asking is when will they start with the zone managers and get rid of the asst. managers? 2nd most of the bulk stuff shows up on a truck about a week to 3 days before BF but some stores get the stuff before that. If there’s a truck there’s a truck report and Yes it has the prices on it. 3rd the ads show up on a ups truck about the same time as the BF truck a week to 3 days but some stores get those sooner then that. the directs/dsd person is suppose to take it to the store managers office where the door is locked some stores only have a asst. manager office or AD office where the BF ads end up. and yes some stores have both. some stores managers even let there associates see the ad a few days before. What the point of allllllll this is. Is every store is run different

  24. We are all dumb for working at Wal Mart. They are coming up with too many rules and stupid policies. Oh and yeah there is support managers still where I work and I work at a Neighborhood Market. So we have 2 lazy ass support managers working graveyard and one annoying “go getter” support in the evening shift… ugh… Thas why I decided to go back to school, to get the hell out of that boot camp called Wal Mart.

  25. wow, a lot of walmart associates here, unfortunatly, me too 🙁 I want to just say that although it is nice to know what is going to be on sale that day, things do change, atleast at my store, and people wait for something that doesn’t show up. I work 3rd shift in electronics, and this will be my 4th year for blitz, and last year was the worst out of them all so far. I had to work 8pm to 8am, thanksgiving into blitz, and it was pure hell! We didn’t receive some of the items people were looking forward to, and since us associates aren’t told what were getting, those people that come in at 1am to wait for something waited for nothing because we didn’t have it, or we only had 1! I don’t know how many times I was screamed at and cussed out! It was a huge mess. There have been some good fights though! So maybe it’s just my store, I have heard that it is the worst in the district, especially the way assoc. are treated, but I don’t even go by the ads, beacuse something is always misprinted, or just wrong. If I do get to see it a few days early because of the dept I’m in, and I’m the only 3rd shift elec. associate, but when I see it, it already has X’s through things and quantities, so I just look at it for the toys
    By the way, I think some stores are still using a different system, my store (ohio) goes by
    ISS, CSS, and M.S, and 10 min. away at another store, they have support mgr, csm, dept. mgr.
    I really don’t see what all the arguing is about though, it’s just a title, they mean the same thing! Have a good Black Friday everyone….haha

    HereinMaryland, thank you for your comment, I totally agree, it’s not my fault you people want to go out into enormous crowds for something that is going to break Christmas Day!!!!

    Greg, it may be funny now that we work at walmart, but with the economy going the way it is,
    and jobs going left and right, you won’t be laughing when your filling out your application
    there, when it’s the last business standing!!!

  26. Greg says, “ha ha you work at walmart.” Making light or fun of someone who works for a legitimate company earning a legitimate salary/wage is not the joke; the comment and individual who posted it is.

    My sister purchased some educational computerized games for young children from Walmart last year on “Black Friday” and when she opened it up pieces (e.g. the book) were missing. The books were later on seen in Walmart at another location and when she tried to purchase them separately from the equipment, it wouldn’t register. She was told chances are great there was a recall on the merchandise, because it was defected.

    Providing previews of what’s going to be on sale is a good idea. It helps us to manage our money more wisely and to compare prices elsewhere. Most importantly, it cuts down on time shopping around. Like one individual wrote, many of us are doing poorly this year due to this country’s current economy issues. Frankly, holding off until after Christmas and possibly the New Year to purchase costly items isn’t such a bad idea either.

  27. Hi there,

    You can get a Playstation 2 with a Remote controller for $129 at WalMart. That is about as good as a deal that is out there right now. As we approach Black Friday things may change though.

  28. “Ha Ha — you all work at Wal-Mart.”

    The fact there is so much “drama” between the girls… (oh, I’m sorry, you’re guys acting like junior high girls lol) from Wal-Mart is nothing short of hysterical.
    To quote Snoop Dogg “so much drama in the LBC…”
    Tools. Count your drawer and get to work.

  29. OK people. I work at Wal-Mart and you guys need to stop bitching. I hate to say this but it makes you look stupid and doesnt make the rest of us who work there look good. Its just a job. I assume that you have a life outside of work… at least I hope so. Lets just quite the bickering and get ready to have a great B.F.

  30. Wow! This is really funny! I agree with Renee. I have three kids and bf is when I do most of my shopping. Last years toys and games may not be good for the rich folk, but my kids love them! Last years or this years, they all break the same with little kids so why pay big bucks for them. I have a great time watching the people shop that day and I don’t run over any elderly, though I have wanted to sometimes. 🙂

  31. How funny is this. Well i will tell you all labtops,tvs and ipods will be on sale and nothing will cost over $10,000 lmao! O and do not forget the vaccuum for 40$ every year!

    For ppl putting down black friday i tell u this,
    Not everyone is rich and the sales allow for family and friends to get together and have fun…i know black friday has saved me tons of money in the past and i got to get more then i would of without the sale. I also got my kids a vsmile the year it went for 30$ and they r still playing it…and who cares if it is name brand or not as long as it freggin works. i love the 5$ appliances. my toaster was one of them and 5 years later still works like new!!
    if u dont like working at walmart get a different job sheesh

  32. lol. This is an entertaining thread xD! So many people who claim to work at walmart. Some of what has been mentioned is correct. Its the same crap from the previous year only cheaper on sale.

    But hey, the way I see it, if you get a better quality item for half the price (the max your willing to spend), although it might be outdated… an HDTV is still an HDTV a year later.

    Chances are that nothing that significant has been improved with the new products that are released the following year (unless a new line has been introduced). At least not significant enough to justify a few hundred extra because its the latest model. So these sales do play in the customers favor. And if its a gift for someone else, WHO CARES? xD!

    They are not going to bitch about not having the latest greatest, if you were able to purchase a better quality previous years item for the same price. (Computers and video games aside)

    As to whoever mentioned that fact that companies “leak” their deals. Yes, this is mostly true. Its very simple. You leak your deals for a couple days (generaly after your opponents deals have leaked), only to have it taken right down after. This causes people to gossip like crazy and allow customers to plan on coming to your store. A week later when you release the official ad, what do you know, your ad is on the tip of their mind. Its FREE ADVERTISING.

    This has been done every year for who knows how long. Target releases their ad, a couple days later, Wal-Mart releases their ad. Normally both force some sites to take it down so that the customer feels like they got a “sneak peek”. Advertising and Marketing 101. lol.

    They will release the ad when they release it. GG xD

  33. TTUCK- Walmart has some Wii bundles going on right now. And if you keep a close eye a few other stores do also (BestBuy).

    JUAN- There has been some good deals on computers and laptops, but as with anything-you get what you pay for-processor speed, memory, etc. will affect the price so you may wanna spend an extra $75-$100 for a better/faster computer in the long run.

    I think there is too much hype and arguing on this thread over the B.F. sales. I absolutely love getting out of the bed even though sometimes I only find a few things.
    This past weekend there were some really good deals. Also typically, the weekend after B.F. has some good deals for those of you who do not like to go through the fuss of B.F.
    The best information I can provide on this subject is for those of you who do not know; Circuit City is closing over a hundred stores due to bankruptcy. There is a site that has the listing of store closings. I am not sure when we will reap the benefits though. Hopefully, they will start a major price slashing before Christmas.
    I can’t wait for B.F. as I will not be trampling over any elderly ppl. Lmao.

  34. Well for starters all of you are wrong. the Blitz list comes out and at least in our store the store manager hands it out to deparment managers and zone managers. yes this list has prices and where exactly in the store the pallet holding the merchandise is located. note all elecrtonics will be behind counter. we then have to come up with a game plan as to where we will be located during blitz because all deparment managers and zone managers will work. they are staged in certain areas “blitz areas”. so long story short yes the list is out and the prices are out.

  35. Hey anyone know about those Compaq laptops for 298.00 that i seen on yahoo, said they were to be sold at walmart on black friday Does anyone know anything?

  36. An update for everyone, I will have the WalMart Black Friday 2008 ad scan later this week and I will post it as soon as I receive it. WalMart sends it directly to me and I will be one of a very select few that receives the advertisement this early so make sure you check back early and often.

  37. Actually last Yr for black friday /. Wal Mart Had more then enough of everything .. Includin the 50 inch telivision there were even a few left after wards,, So boo Hoo with ur unfair sales act whatever.. AND TO ALL OF YOU GOING SHOPPING THIS YR NO NEED TO TRAMPLE ON EVERY1 U’LL GET WHAT U WANT IF U GET THERE ON TIME

  38. I know a lot of people are turned off by the idea of waking up uber early the day after Thanksgiving, but you would be amazed at how much fun it can be. For those of you who dont want to wake up and stand in the cold, there is always online shopping which gives you the chance to get more products than stores carry and often for less than stores charge, and most companies do offer free shipping offers.

  39. I am a former employee of Wal-Mart and has anyone stopped to think about the elderly people who relied on layaway for Christmas. Now that Wal-Mart don’t have layaway there are many old people I’m sure that shop these sales. My granny relies on me to find out whats on sale and then she makes her list and I fight the crowd to get what she wants. It’s no big deal to me because I go every year for myself but not having layaway has really affected the elderly or anyone that gets a check.

  40. The only reason black friday is successful is because regular people are programmed to love the word SALE. Black Friday is a tradition for most Americans! My mother gets up at 4A.M. the day after thanksgiving goes to pick up her best friend and they go shopping together. One year they may come back with a ton of stuff, the next just a handful. It’s just a way of getting into the Christmas spirit. Of course all wal-mart employees secretly (or not so secretly in all of your cases) dread B.F. but deal with it. I have worked at wal-mart and its just like any holiday, they are going to be busy, and busy days are hectic, but its really just another day. Quit arguing and complaining about it. You chose to work there, if you don’t like having to deal with stressful holidays, choose another profession, otherwise don’t complain! HAPPY SHOPPING & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

    P.S. Wal-Mart associates are also have to the best interest for the customer in mind while clocked in. I would think twice about laughing at little ladies getting trampled. It may cost you your job one of these days. If not I guess you will just have to consciously deal with it.

  41. Then have your grandma shop at KMart, they still have layaway. And everyone quit bitchin…..our economy is in the shitter and retailers are going out of business causing many people to not have a job this holiday season. Realize you could have it worse and quit trying to get somethin for nothin, that’s the reason for our recession and why so many people try to sit at home and collect free government programs.

  42. How about everyone calm down? This is the HOLIDAY season.. a time for giving what you can to the people you love… if that means standing in line to get the best deal for 8 hours before a store opens to get a good deal..great.. not everyone is made of money and alot of people in this country live pay check to pay check trying to put food on the table, a roof over their heads, and a smile on there family’s faces.. But do we really need to resort to running old ladys over, and laughing at people getting hurt because of these sales that are just trying to do what we all are doing on that day… Sounds like alot of you will be doing just the opposite of what the holidays are all about.. I know I will be doing what I can for my family to be happy with good presents under the tree and trying to set an example of how people are supposed to be.. kind, caring, and GIVING.. not mean, rude, or violent.. I hope you all have a great holiday whether you get what you wanted or not, and I hope this reaches some of you “laughing” at the expense of others.

  43. I think it’s hilarious how most of the wal mart employees posting here are so bitter. That was a career choice that YOU made…not us. I know a few people that work at wal mart and other various retail stores and they don’t seem to mind at all. Then you get the really bitter ones who don’t want anyone to come in on black friday because the lighter the crowds the less they have to do.

  44. people still at it huh? Not sure if everyone knows this, but if you go to, they have the walmart ad posted now. And I went through the backroom at work, and so far so good. As long as your stores don’t have “not so bright” managers who sell all the wii’s before black friday!! We get a list of the items, and a map, but not until 3-4 hrs before the sale starts.
    And to add to some of the comments made about people complaining about working at Walmart, some of us really don’t have a choice. The place is alright most of the time, and the money is good, but most of us do get treated like crap, and unfortunatly, it’s not as easy for some to just get another job, that’s why there is so much complaining. I would love to have another job, where I am respected more, but with 3 kids, I DO have to take what I can get, and that is Walmart, so I’m sorry for helping to piss everyone off!! 🙂 I love working on BF, I like big crowds!

    –We do price match, but at my store, it’s not for an hour after the sale starts, so just a heads up! May be the same elsewhere.
    -The $298 laptops were on sale a few weeks ago.
    -It’s not just elderly people who relied on layaway, I think most of the people with kids did too! Sucks! Have fun everyone, good luck!

  45. You know its the holiday season when you see a crowd of 30 people surronding 12 PCs. Then when the clock hits 5am and they open the pallets its chaos! I like to record them and also place them on youtube, good times!

  46. first of all i couldn’t stop reading this bull shit, because it was like a bad car accident. Everyone who has written on this page needs to get a life, my fiancee’ used to work at walmart and his mom still works there, and like someone said above, its just a job get over it!!!

  47. I have not read everyone’s comments “And don’t care to read anymore than I already have”.I don’t go to the blitz for the simple fact I don’t want to fight the crowd.I used to work at Walmart and yes worked on black Friday.It’s a hassle people do get rude with everyone it seems.I just happened up on this sight because a friend was telling me some of the items that would be part of the blitz this year.This would have to be the sight I clicked on!I think it is ridiculous that some of you have decided to leave your comments on a public sight where everyone and anyone could read them.Maybe your Walmart stores you work for should try and find out just who is leaving these ignorant selfish comments about the very people that spend money in the stores.You know the people that do wait in line and fight the crowds to save a few dollars.The people that you have called stupid,ignorant,idiots!The people that give walmart business so you ungrateful “LUCKY” people that have a “JOB” so you can pay your bills can gripe and moan about how bad you have it.You are the people that look down at the customers and are rude to them that should not have a job dealing with the public.Now I do not think that costumers should come in any store and disrespect each other or employees.I do however think that some of the people that have left these comments are cry baby adults that need to get their own place to live and get out of mommy and daddies house and enter the real world.If you are not still a child and have left comments that are nothing but pouting because you have to work and deal with rude ungrateful people then it’s time you grow up.This is the real world many people are rude.It does not give you the right to be rude or represent a company that you work for with comments that show no respect not only for the people that pay you to do a job.It seems you have no respect for yourself.I’m glad I don;t know who you are and hope that in my life I never have to deal with any of you.I agree with the lady that left the comment above mine it’s a job get over it!I take that one step further “IT’S A JOB”Be glad you have it.My husband and I are thankful that we have income coming in during these holidays not everyone does.If you feel this way about your job i’m sure their are people that would gladly stand in line to take the job you are so tired of.I will gladly tell you my name it’s Tracy and I really hope that some of you will stop belly aching about how bad you have it and realize that you should be pretty happy to be working no matter where it is.Have a Happy Holiday!

  48. Yall are all retarded why the hell are people even talking about black friday .whats the big deal either way one or the other you are going to pick that U as a consumer and believe in what black friday stands for (GOOD DEALS)! or on the other side is people who think black friday is (BAD) or something. well either way i think you people are to convinced it sound you are right>So now I ask why are yall fighting because what is this solving anything ,nobody is actually listening really ,even though i did like th remark about how everthing is caose and grandma gets runover! HA it was funny, but other than that why the HELL are we actually arguing about going! either u are or your not dumbasses!!!

  49. Great reading…I laughed so hard my co-workers ran into my office to see what was going on. Thanks for making my last hour at work go by so fast. Happy Thanksgiving!

  50. You gotta be kiddin’ yall! Most of yall are a bunch of goobers. People who work at Wal-Mart around here are just as miserable as yall. If you hate it so much why did you go to work there?

    If you hate customers so much…maybe…you are in the wrong line of work? It is your job to please the customers! They buy junk to pay your paycheck…ding bats!

    I know that if I meet any of yall…I’m liable to pick up something and knock you in the head just for ticking me off…

  51. gg peoples I just said that stuff as a joke. get a life people. I did get a big smile reading what you wrote and we all just need to know we are working to pay bills and try make a few friends at work. if you can help the customers just do it, they shop the store makes money and pay you a wage without them you don’t have a job and people don’t save money. and on a side note, I’m a stock supervisor I see and hear it all.5397

  52. my wife works at walmart.all walmarts are the same.they treat thier employes like crap.cause the number one focus is the customers. as it should be.but they could have more respect thier em,ployes.

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