World of Watches Black Friday Sale

Looking for Black Friday 2013 deals or online sales throughout the year? You can Keep up to date with any news and updates by liking the Bfreedom Facebook page. Thanks for visiting! World of Watches is holding a pretty epic online sale during Black Friday. The sale will only last a short amount of time […]

Walmart Black Friday 2014 Sales Ad Released

The Walmart Black Friday 2014 sales ad is here. Its got hundreds of deals that will through 3 phases available online and in stores. Be sure to check out the entire ad because there are some crazy good deals available. Each year Walmart outdoes itself and this year is no exception. I can’t wait to […]

Target Black Friday 2014 Leaked Sales Ad

The Target Black Friday Sales ad for 2014 has leaked today. There are more than 30 pages and more than 400 products that will be on sale starting on Thanksgiving and running into Black Friday. The popular retailer has really stepped up their game this year trying to go toe to toe with Walmart. Will […]

Free Shipping Day 2013 Sale and Updates

Free Shipping Day in 2013 is on December 18th. Guaranteed delivery is required for Christmas and is the best last minute Christmas sale you will find this year. With more than 800 total stores participating in this years Free Shipping Day, including tons of big retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Target, and BestBuy. Retailers that want […]

Walmart Cyber Monday 2013 Sale is Underway

The Walmart Cyber Monday 2013 sale is underway in the latest version of the online only sale. Deals are great on electronics, toys, clothing, sports gear, video games, and more. Look for major discounts on iPads and iPad Minis. Also, there are some great Cyber Monday 2013 deals on HDTVs, laptops, and tablets. Overall, the […]

The Best Black Friday 2013 Sales are Live

Head on over to or and start shopping the the best Black Friday 2013 Sales. Pretty much every major retailer hosting large Black Friday sales already has begun their Black Friday sales today. The sales are generally expected to last through either Friday or Saturday before Cyber Monday 2013 sales get underway. 2013 […]

Walmart Black Friday 2013 Sales Ad Released

The Walmart Black Friday 2013 Sales ad leaked tonight and it is very competitive with the Target sales ad. I can’t believe how quickly that Walmart responded to the earlier leak of the Black Friday ad from Target. There are so many deals available Wednesday through Saturday, frankly, I am a little shocked. I am […]

RadioShack Black Friday 2013 Sales Ad Leaked

I just received the official leaked RadioShack Black Friday 2013 sales ad. It contains information for both the Black Friday sale as well as the Cyber Monday Online sale. The sales ad from Radioshack is 8 pages long and features great deals on all types of electronics. I have posted all 8 pages below for […]

Toys R Us Black Friday 2013 Sales Ad Leaked

The first major Black Friday 2013 sales ad leak belongs to Toys R Us. It is kind of a shock to see a major player leak their Black Friday 2013 sales ad so early in the season. Usually, we see the Black Friday sales ads leaked about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. This Black Friday Toys […]

BestBuy Black Friday 2013 Sale Announcement

After doing some fact checking, it appears that the BestBuy Black Friday 2013 Sale will officially occur on Friday. Unlike many other stores whose sales kick off on Thanksgiving Day, otherwise known as Black Thursday. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to wait till the morning to shop the Black Friday sale, rather […]

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